When you help The JBCF, you help wonderful people like these:laugh

Hi Johnny/Blondie,

Words cannot express our gratitude for your help in getting the word out about Haley's benefit. Because of you and so many more people in and around the Tri-Cities Haley will have a better chance now at getting the continued medical care she needs on a daily basis. Medical care that insurance does not pay for; the services/treatment that will keep her from becoming permanently disabled.

The Betty Spaghetti dinner was a huge success! We planned to serve 250 people….and we more than doubled that, serving more than 500 people. Many of those folks showed up and said "we heard you on the radio and felt compelled to help". For that, I thank you!!

You both were so welcoming to Haley & I on our visit to the studio and made her feel instantly comfortable. (FYI–that was the FIRST time Haley ever spoke publicly about her condition and what it's like to live in a very isolated world away from all of her peers.) It brought me to tears watching/listening to her share her story "all on her own" on the air "live"–she's my hero.

We've also heard from and received letters from several other families/individuals who have EDS/POTS. Haley now has people, right here at home, to talk to and lean on for support. Including a 7 yr. old girl in Caro named Emily whose family brought her to the benefit just to meet Haley. The smiles and words shared between the two girls worth more than anyone could ever understand. Instant "bendable buddies".

Between dinner ticket sales, a bake sale, raffles and a successful live auction we raised $10,255 dollars!!!

We plan to use the bulk of the money to take care of the medical copays we have encountered over the last year and to pay for Haley's continued physical therapy (she needs to go 4 x's a week for the rest of her life). Right now the disease is attacking her heart and she's taking more than 5 different medications at an out of pocket cost of around $200/mo. + must go for saline infusions up to 3x's a week as an outpatient at Genesys Regional Medical Center in Grand Blanc. Haley must drink 108 oz. of Gatorade everyday to keep her connective tissue hydrated–that too is an added cost of up to $250/month. All of which is not covered by insurance. So every bit of this money will be used in her continued care.

Please feel free to share this update with our friends at WHNN and with Wayne Maier. We would love for Haley to meet the stranger that is a true angel on earth.

Again, THANK YOU! You'll never know the impact this has had on Haley's overall outlook for her future and for the personal support system that has been created because of this event.

~Shawn Jenkins