The Johnny Burke Children’s Foundation was established by morning personality Johnny Burke, to help children in unfortunate situations. Media personalities often encounter kids in need of expensive medical treatment or equipment, kids who have lost their parents or have other challenges. The goal of the Foundation is to help these kids by raising money through out the year with a series of fun events…ensuring the immediate availability of funds in times of need.

Since 1996, the JBCF has distributed over a million dollars to kids who needed it; helping families find shelter, buying human hair wigs for kids who’ve lost their hair, purchasing computers for autistic learning programs, paying for back-to-school backpacks–fighting truancy, and providing scholarships to special summer camp programs for special children, to name only a few.

Recently, we've also begun an effort to encourage our youth to pursue a high-tech future.  Through a grant from AT&T the JBCF gave out $15,000 in  financial aid to anyone who needed it in order to attend science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) summer camps. It is our goal to benefit the youth, and our future communities, through this program. In the end, we hope to inspire our kids to stay in school and help us bring industry to our area, by offering a young, educated, high-tech workforce.

This past year, we also recognized that, due to budget cuts, many educators were having to dig into their own pockets to supply their classrooms with everything kids need to keep them learning. The JBCF gave out over $6000 to area teachers for that purpose.